Saturday, November 19, 2005

One stop shopping

Bradshaw/Murphy, Efford/Dicks, Ignatieff, Rae, Bennett/Kent/Summerville, Baird, Priddy, Churley, Leonard/Lapierre, Pettigrew/Barbeau.

All here, bundled for your convenience.

Oh, and behind the Wall of Globe is the news that Stephen Harper is chasing a Russ Courtnall candidacy in B.C. (a story previously rubbished here) and a Kirk Muller candidacy in Kingston and the Islands. Take that, Dryden!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Domino theory

Either today was a) a very good time to not run for reelection as a Liberal in Atlantic Canada or b) a very good day to seek a nomination as a Liberal in Atlantic Canada.

Because of this - and also this.

So who gains?

Well, in Moncton all the buzz is about former Moncton Mayor and Diamond Joe Quimby clone Brian Murphy.

In Avalon? You tell us.

LATE UPDATE - Now this is drama. Joe Commuzzi says that if the feds don't pony up more cash for the forestry industry, he won't run for reelection in Thunder Bay - Superior North. Gosh. We're on pins and needles as to how the government will respond...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

And then there was one...

Step forward, firefighter and foodbanker Glen Pearson! In the game of Survivor that is the London-Fanshawe Liberal nomination fight, you are the last man standing, and you advance to a gruelling winter election campaign. Following the retirement of MP Pat O'Brien and the withdrawal from the race of lawyerman Steve Ross, the prize would seem to be Pearson's, at least according to the London Free-Press...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fuzzy math

The Edmonton Sun flags a tricky mathematical problem - one candidate for one nomination would seem to equal... zero? It would seem that Nicole Martel is - quite reasonably, we think, behaving like a candidate for the Liberal nomination in Edmonton East, presently represented by Conservative Peter Goldring. Right now she's the only candidate for the (unscheduled, naturally) nomination.

Problematic for Nicole is the looming candidacy of AUPE boss-man Dan MacLennan, soon (it is said) to be awarded the nomination through the exercise of Paul Martin's imperial right to plunk candidates where he pleases.

Ms. Martel's reward for hard work and years of service to the party is... well, it's forthcoming.

Windsor Knot

Ask for Windsor gossip, get Windsor gossip. It's a truism we've all experienced. Well here's the story, such as it is. Bruck Easton is set to be the Liberal candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh, the successor to the Windsor-St. Clair riding he fought as the PC candidate in 1997 and 2000. The riding is held by NDP MP Joe Comartin. Should something disrupt the historical inevitability of a Easton candidacy, former municipal candidate Ed Sleiman waits in the wings, as previously "reported".

Other Windsor ridings allegedly have even larger Liberal names. Could Sandra Pupatello leave Queen's Park and a cabinet job for a run against Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse? Could Susan Whelan be looking for a rematch against the nameless, faceless Conservative presently representing "Essex-Whelan" in Ottawa? Yes and yes - allegedly.

And if you believe the most jaundiced of ears, waiting for any of these hopefuls to fail is a young man in a hurry - Windsor mayor Eddie Francis. His term runs out in December 2006, and would likely fit nicely into any subsequent Liberal nomination race...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hazen Argue smiles

Why do we keep hearing that Bob Rae will take the plunge and run for the Libs?

Why don't we hear more about where he'll run?

Why don't you tell us more -

An eerie silence from Windsor Libs

Sometimes, the absence of news is, in and of itself, news. At least that's our view of the failure of Windsor-area Liberals to nominate a candidate in any of the region's federal ridings to date. Usually Detroit South (or Detroit-Sud, as it's known up and down Ouellette and Gratiot) is a hotbed of Grit intrigue, as half the City Council battles with half the Essex Law Association for the chance to fling themselves to Ottawa or Queen's Park. To date, we at Nomination Watch remain underwhelmed by the rumours that have reached us. We trust that our faithful readers can remedy that situation forthwith.

What do we have to date? Well, we gather that prominent Windsor development lawyer Jack Ramieri may be in the mix for a nomination - and why not? A black belt in karate *and* a Jeopardy contestant? Why not? Still, we are suspicious of anyone who keeps a record of his Student Union involvement on his CV more than 20 years post-gradutation, even if he was Chief Electoral Officer. Well, especially if he was...

And while we're at it, why do we keep hearing that former Joe Clarkaholic and Progressive Conservative supremo Bruck Easton is considering a run for a Liberal nomination down in Windsor? Though he did endorse the Libs last time, we just thought that was a fit of pique.

Have you heard more - about Windsor or anywhere else, for that matter? Let us know at

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our Self Image

We think of ourselves at Nomination Watch as a fairly stable, well adjusted bunch. But what really causes us to press our palms to our temples, break out the irish whiskey, oil up the shotgun and think some tremendously dodgy thoughts is... getting scooped by our bloggy type "friends". And yes, yes, we know. We've only been back for a day or two and we need to get our sea legs, but really. It just won't do.

We refer, of course, to this. (I mean, it helps that it's Calgary Grit, who's a fine fellow and all that, but really. It stings. It really does. And he even provides the bloody link.)

Of course, being a magnanimous bunch of folks, we are able to dispose of all these bad vibes and welcome Deborah Coyne to the Toronto Danforth Liberal nomination race. While we're at it, we welcome her to Toronto Danforth and to Toronto as a whole. We're sure that after a while on the Danforth, she'll wonder why she ever lived in Ottawa at all. Or, for that matter, why she's trying to get the voters to send her back there.