Saturday, November 12, 2005

Quick hits, cheap shots

The Richmond Review gives a few kind words to Richmond NDP candidate Neil Smith, the poor bastard likely to be minced into a fine paste by the voters of Richmond, B.C. Despite the NDP's poor showing in 2004 (15%), three candidates vied for the nomination, with Smith defeating 2004 nominee Dale Jackaman and Balwinder Kullar in a meeting attended by "a couple dozen" NDP members at the West Richmond Community Centre...

Former Liberal MP, Tory MP and rumoured independent candidate Andre Harvey has returned to one of his folds, and will run for the Grits in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, the riding he lost to the Bloc by 863 votes in 2004 - so says the Hill Times...

The Stoney Creek News is all hot and bothered about the forthcoming clash between Hamilton East - Stoney Creek MP and Martinite Minister of Vote Counting Tony Valeri and newly nominated NDP candidate Wayne Marston, a school board trustee and president of the local labour council. This page, loathe to take shots at our former Steeltown home will only note that Mr. Valeri says "I see some fundamental transformation for Hamilton." Does he want it to look more like Stoney Creek, we wonder?


Usually, we like to bring you gossip (or even - shock, horror news!) about who's running where. Jeffrey Simpson (behind the Wall of Globe) is all about the who, but not so much about the where. The "who" is Michael Ignatieff. The "where" is anywhere that will have him - or at least anywhere where people won't care that he supported the merry little hijinks presently underway in Iraq.

GTA Liberal MPs would appear too nervous to comment.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

We know you missed us - you're just too shy to say so...

Cornwall Liberals will gather on Sunday to select a candidate in the federal riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry. At least so says the Brockville Recorder & Times. (We only read it for the racing tips...)

South Stormont Councillor Bill Upper and North Stormont businessman and organic farmer Tom Manley are the two dogs in this hunt.

PS - For those of you who thrive on this level of detail (and you know who you are) Tom Manley would not on first blush appear to be a John Manley Manley. He would rather seem to self-identify as a Peter Manley Manley. Peter Manley of course being the world famous former MPP for Stormont in the 1950's and Tom Manley's grandfather. No word on any ties to Michael Manley, sad to say.

PPS - Oh, and the above Manley link would also indicate that Tom Manley was Deputy Leader of the Green Party until he hed a touch of the Ujjals earlier this fall and discovered he was a Liberal all along. Hard cheese for the Greens, then. Organic, lactose-free cheese, but hard cheese nevertheless.

What else is new?

Well, since we've been gone things have gone completely mental in Churchill. First, MP Bev Desjarlais was defeated for the NDP nomination by Niki Ashton, whose many positive qualities are complemented nicely by her lineage - she is the daughter of local NDP supremo and Manitoba cabinet minister Steve Ashton. (Though the Ottawa media was quick to ascribe Desjarlais' defeat to her vote against same sex marriage, deeper thinkers look to union politics and more profound dissatisfaction with Desjarlais as contributing factors to her defeat.) Desjarlais has since left the NDP caucus in Ottawa and is rattling swords about running as an independent.

Now, CBC brings word that the Liberals have nominated Tina Keeper, a former North of 60 cast member as their candidate. Though born in the riding, Keeper moved south to Winnipeg at the age of four, and has been active in social causes since No60 went off the air.

We're back. Did you miss us?

Well, like it or not, we're back. What with this whole election thingy rearing its ugly head, (and I mean Reg Alcock ugly. Or Art Hanger ugly, depending on which side of the street you work.) we thought it best to resurrect ourselves.

But to what end, dear readers? What do you want of us? Well, apart from random cattiness, we mean. We've still a trickle of nominations to provide to you - but once a writ is dropped what remaining use are we? Well, one thought that occurs to us is as a clearing house for that juicy kind of riding level news usually ignored by the national media as they pl.ay follow the leaders.

But we leave it to you - does that sound at all appealing? And are any of you still out there to feedback to us? Please, let us know...

PS - virtually all mail sent to us since mid-summer has been cruelly trashed by hotmail unread. If you have quality dish, please resend!