Saturday, May 07, 2005

John Barber on what Goldstein Teaches Us:

"Some rumours are so good they lose nothing by being proved false."

Well, we couldn't have said it better.

Edmonton, and All Points East

Our spies in Edmonton have reported.

Apparantly Laurie Hawn has competition for the Conservative nomination in Edmonton Centre. Step forward Dr. Paul Yewchuk. Who he, I hear you ask? Dr. Yewchuk is the famous former Tory MP for Athabasca, 1968-1980. Those of you with a long memory will recall the mischief Dr. Yewchuk got up to during the last minority parliament...

In Edmonton Beaumont-Mill Woods, the race to succeed David Kilgour is on. The only declared Liberal candidate to date is Chinwe Okelu, a community activist and defeated candidate for city council. The race for the far more valuable Conservative nomination features former Canadian Alliance (remember them?) and Conservative 2004 candidate Tim Uppal and Kilgourite Sukhi Lalli a former assistant to Kilgour.

And the sacrificial lambs haven't stopped screaming in Edmonton St. Albert. Queuing up for the right to lose to Conservative MP John Williams are Stanley Haroun, previously defeated in his bid for St. Albert city council and Pamela Paul, former Liberal MLA for Edmonton Castle Downs.

Another name has burbled to the surface in the Ottawa Centre NDP sweepstakes, according to a passworded bit of the Globe. It is that of Jamey Heath, communications guru in Jack! Layton's office.

And there have been a whack of Conservative nominations in Ontario. Stepping forward are Bruce Stanton in Simcoe North, Bal Gosal in Brampton West and Brent Barr in Guelph.

UPDATE: More Conservative doings - Bill Brown nominated in Kenora, Ken Walker seeking nomination in Sault Ste. Marie.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Please Note...

We're no longer batting 1.000, rumour-wise.

Thanks for the ink, Lorrie.

And for not suing...

Miss a Day, Miss a Lot - Elsewhere...

Thin pickings from non-Ontario today. (And you, the readers can remedy this situation with one little note sent to Operators aren't standing by, but they will get to it sooner or later...)

The news is this: apparantly, former Hatfield minister Yvon Poitras is not running for the Conservatives in Madawaska-Restigouche, after all. Confusingly, Jean-Pierre Ouellette, another former Hatfield minister, is.

And news of the Conservative Party in Quebec from the pages of La Presse, of all places. Maxime Bernier will be the party's candidate in Beauce. He works in insurance, but more saliently is the son of Gilles Bernier, a former Tory MP from the seat. Also, Daniel Fournier will be the Conservative candidate in Outremont.

Miss a Day, Miss a Lot - Ontario Edition

Apologies to all those of you thanklessly hitting "refresh" in the hopes of some fresh nomination news, nestled lovingly amongst the baseless rumours and outright lies. Real life intruded, as is its wont. On to the "news"...

John Baird won the Conservative nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean last night. Now attention shifts to the Liberals. Did one of our spies mention that longtime Lib MP Marlene Catterall might be moving on and that Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli might be thinking about running?

And while we're thinking about Ottawa, shadowy New Democrat forces are allegedly reaching out to former Ottawa city councillor and wunderkind Alex Munter to run for the party in Ottawa Centre. So says the Ottawa Sun, anyway. He says a run is unlikely, but he's not saying absolutely not...

The major party candidates are set in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, according to the Stoney Creek News, who ought to know, really. Liberal House Leader Tony Valeri will stand again, and face the man who almost beat him, NDP candidate and Steelworker leader Tony DePaulo. Frank Rukavina, a "project coordinator for an engineering consulting firm", whatever that is, will run for the Conservatives.

The last man standing at the Hamilton Mountain nomination meeting/musical chairs game is Don Graves, who will be their candidate. According to the Hamilton Mountain News, Graves seems to have been the association's fourth choice, at best.

Peterborough City Councillor Henry Clarke will seek the Liberal nomination in Peterborough, attempting to replace retiring Liberal MP Peter Adams, according to anonymous sources cited in Peterborough This Week. (And you really shouldn't ever trust anonymous sources. Well, perhaps occasionally.)

And the London Free Press alerts us to the post-Ur doings in Middlesex-Kent-Lambton. Apparantly Bev Shipley is being joined in the Conservative nomination fight by financial analyst Peter Aarssen. Former Lambton County warden Todd Case is presently all alone in the Liberal race to replace Ur.

Oh, and the gossip in Liberal circles in Winsdor is that the Liberal nominee in Windsor-Tecumseh is probably unsuccesful city councillor candidate Ed Sleiman. Please note the lack of link, and adjust trust accordingly.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

And in Other News...

You'll have all heard that Ed Broadbent has announced, due to his wife's illness, that he's not running again.

But how many of you have heard that Tony Martin is?

Hither and Yon. Mainly Yon, Actually.

A big bulletin has come in from New Brunswick, Canada's gateway to Maine. Although woefully short of information on the mighty NBNDP, it does fill in a lot of blanks.

First of all, it would seem that Bernie Valcourt is not going to offer his services to the nation and to the people of Madawaska once more. To date, the nation has no comment, and the people of Madawaska's remarks have been deemed unfit for publication.

In other, meatier news (well, meatier gossip, anyway), the Conservative race in Fredericton contains six candidates including Barbara Baird, former leader of the PC Party of NB (1989-91), and Raj Venugopal, the PC candidate in 2000.

In Tobique-Mactaquac the talk is thatlast year's candidate, Mike Allen, will face a nomination fight with former Alliance organizer Adam Richardson, who left the Alliance pre-merger after some sort of hissy fit with Harper.

In Saint John the candidates include former PC Party of NB president Lisa Keenan.

Madawaska-Restigouche Conservatives, attempting to fill the void left by the substantial Valcourt have turned to Yvon Poitras, a former minister in the Hatfield government, who is rumoured to be thinking about it.

And in Moncton, one of the safest Lib seats in the province, City councillor Doug Robertson, son of former Hatfield minister Brenda Robertson, is rumoured to be seeking nomination.

As for the Liberals, all seven incumbents are presumed to be seeking re-election at this point. There had been speculation about Claudette Bradshaw in Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe opting out, but she's announced she will run...

Rose-Marie Ur has gone public with her runlessness - in the London Free Press.

Yves Malette (a city councillor) and local lawyer Robert Riopelle are the candidates for the Liberal nod in Timmins-James Bay. So says the Timmins Times.

And there is a whole mess of rerunning going on in "Greater Sudbury". So says It would seem that 2004 NDP nominee Claude Gravelle will give things another go in Nickel Belt, as will his 2004 NDP colleague from Sudbury, Gerry McIntaggart.

Our latest installment in our seemingly endless series of updates on southwestern Ontario, Kitchener Conestoga faces a six way fight for the Conservative nomination and the chance to face incumbent Liberal MP Lynn Myers. Our spies draw our attention to notable candidates Wayne Wettlaufer, a former PC MPP and retired dentist and Waterloo School Board Chair Harold Albrect. (And what does that say about the unnotable candidates?)

And finally, some Liberal news from Edmonton. Maureen Towns, the Liberal candidate of record in Edmonton-Sherwood Park has declined to run again, and someone called Nicole Martel is seeking the Liberal nomination in Edmonton East.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Molto Ottawa

Tasty little article in this morning's (password protected - grrr) Ottawa Citizen. To save you having to pay for the damn thing, (heaven forfend) I will give you a little precis:

John coronation...tough nomination battle on Thursday.... stiffest challenge from retired teacher Ed Mahfouz..."It's a horse race. I am a man of the grassroots and the grassroots will speak on Thursday," Mr. Mahfouz said...longtime party activist Margret Kopala and management consultant Ade Olumide also running...Conservatives nominate retired public servant Paul Benoit in Ottawa Vanier....Riddell and the famous Barry Turner in Ottawa South blah blah blah..."People really know me as a person who has been involved in public life. They are saying 'he is older, he is wiser,' " said Mr. Turner... In Ottawa Centre, three candidates lawyer Guy Dufort, retired public servant Idris Ben-Tahir and Keith Fountain of the Department of Foreign Affairs want the Conservative nomination...In Ottawa Orleans, Walter Robinson's not running, and Joel Bernard, a former member of the New Brunswick legislature, and Royal Galipeau, a former municipal politician are.

There. Now you all owe me the cost of a newspaper.

Bright Lights, Big City

News from our Toronto spies...

No surprises on the NDP's candidate in Toronto-Danforth - that would be Jack! Layton. But in the other target ridings for the party? Well, in a number of races, the 2004 candidate seems poised to return, such as Peggy Nash in Parkdale-High Park, Rui Pires in Davenport. And in Trinity-Spadina nothing has been said officially, but all expectations are for Olivia Chow to reoffer.

In a couple of ridings though, 2004 nominees face competition for the job. In Toronto Centre-Rosedale, 2004 nominee and housing activist Michael Shapcott faces a challenge from Nancy Martin, a downtown Aboriginal activist, and Chris Moise, a former Brampton NDP candidate. In Beaches-East York, former city councillor Peter Tabuns is expected to run, but will likely face unnamed opposition.

And while it may not be as exciting (or as bloody) as Kells vs. Capobianco, the Etobicoke-Lakeshore NDP faces a contested nomination fight between Andrew Klochek, a riding activist, and Margaret Ann McHugh, the party's 2004 candidate.

Other declared candidates for nomination include David Thomas in Don Valley West, Max Silverman in Eglinton-Lawrence and Dr. Sandra Romano Anthony in York West.

Oh, and more good news for New Democrats. Trinity-Spadina Conservatives are threatening to run a real campaign, and draw more than the usual votes from the Liberals - they are talking about nominating Lorrie Goldstein, a scribbler (editor?) for the Toronto Sun...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Goodbye, Mr. Anderson

More word on David Anderson's semi-surprise retirement, and the name of a possible Lib successor in the Globe and Mail.

Step forward, Victoria Mayor Alan Lowe...

It Don't Take a Weathervane to Know Which Way the Wind Blows...

...all it takes is Joe Dion.

Dion, the 2004 Grit candidate in Westlock-St. Paul against retiring Conservative MP Dave Chatters got beaten senseless by Chatters, and he seems to have learned something from the experience.

He seems to have learned that if he wants to represent Westlock-St. Paul in the House of Commons, he ought to try running for the Conservative nomination. Which he is now doing. At least according to the Edmonton Sun.

He's running for the nomination against Paul Pelletier, who also got beat by Chatters last year - but for the Conservative nomination, and several unnamed others...

Oh, and This

Bags of news in this Hill Times piece, old and new. The highlights? Rose-Marie Ur (Lib - Middlesex-Kent-Lambton) isn't sure she's running again, and gets a few good swings into Dalton McGuinty while she muses. Bev Shipley, the Conservative candidate she faced last time is running again, it would seem.

The Hill Times also pushes the term "star candidate" to its limits in reporting that world-famous former Minister of Indian Affairs Pauline Browes will be seeking re-election following her dozen years out of office, this time against Liberal incumbent John McKay in Scarborough-Guildwood.

Oh, and they report the much reported (but not here, until now) news that 1974 Miss Canada Blair Lancaster, will be seeking the Conservtive nomination in Burlington, currently held by Liberal MP Paddy Torsney.

And that business about Bill Hourigan in Burlington? Pure lies, it would seem. The nomination deadline has passed without an entry from Mr. Hourigan.


Apparantly someone at the G&M was watching the tube tonight...

Those intrepid newshounds at Global seemingly got pipped to the story about their old colleague Peter Kent, soon to be the Conservative nominee in St. Paul's.

(And while we are thinking about Global, what have we heard about them losing one of their best and brightest lights only weeks before he is to marry?)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weekend NomWatching

You are an insistent bunch. Here we are, having spent less than a week serving the cruel mistress called blogging, and you won't let us have a moment's peace. A day or two spent away from the QWERTY and you're beside yourselves.

But you didn't come here to hear us wag our fingers at you, you came here for a healthy mixture of established facts and baseless rumours. Which is exactly what we have for you...

You think you have trouble finding candidate news? Pity the poor Quebec Liberals trying to find candidates. La Presse reports that the Libs have stooped to advertising for candidates - and they have pretty specific requests. According to an email obtained by the paper, in the riding of Pointe-de-l'Île they are specifying that they would prefer a woman of Haitian origin. As an incentive, she (whoever she is) will not have to spend any money from own pockets, as the party will pay all election expenses and will form a team to assist her. If any NM readers have names for the Pointe-de-l'Île Libs, we would be happy to forward them along. Send names (and nomination rumours and news, naturally) to

Former Chretien Minister and Victoria MP David Anderson is moving on, and will not seek reelection, according to the Times-Colonist, who disappointingly do not speculate on possible successors...

And proving that Ontario isn't the only province that can recycle conservative politicians, the Edmonton Sun reports that former PC MP Willie Littlechild will seek the Conservative nomination in his old constituency, Wetaskawin. The news was presumably met with girded bowels by the already announced contenders.

And speaking of retreads, is Bernard Valcourt (and no motorcycle jokes, please. Well, save for that one), former Minister of Fish and trainwreck leader of the NB PCs really thinking about running in Madawaska-Restigouche?

In the realm of much firmer reality, according to the North Bay Nugget, North Bay Deputy Mayor Peter Chirico has secured the Conservative nomination in Nipissing-Timiskaming...

Windsor sees all three incumbents reoffering, with NDP MP Brian Masse facing either 1999 provincial PC candidate and Ford worker Dave McCamon someone carrying on business under the name Al Teshuba in the Conservative interest. In Windsor-Tecumseh NDP MP Joe Comartin (father of legal beagle Eric) will face either DaimlerChrysler engineer Rick Fuschi or Greg Lowry in a rerun of the 2004 Conservative nomination fight. No word to date on either riding for the Liberals. Can someone edify us?

In Essex, former Liberal MP and notorious charmer Susan Whelan is expected to be renominated without a fight as she seeks to retreive the seat from Conservative MP Jeff Watson.

Blocquistes are salivating over Liberal MP Jacques Saada's Brossard-La Prairie seat. According to Le Reflet, former Bloc candidate Marcel Lussier will face Myrlande Pierre from Brossard and Richard Bourdeau from Candiac.