Friday, April 29, 2005

Membership Has its Privileges

Our first report from Quebec is in...

A crucial lapse seems to have played former Societie Saint-Jean-Baptiste President Guy Bouthillier for a bit of a fool. According to La Presse, Bouthillier was interested in being the Bloc candidate in Outremont against incumbent Liberal (and the recently rather quiet) Jean Lapierre.

Unfortunately, Bouthillier hadn't renewed his Bloc membership since 1998 and was ineligible to seek the nomination, if the nomination meeting is held May 18th as planned. All sorts of scullduggery could have the nomination pushed back to accommodate Bouthillier, but who knows, really.

Eight other people who are actual Bloc members have expressed interest in the nomination, and if no high profile candidate steps in, it could end up going to the riding's association president Jean-Paul Gilson.

Also, Marcel Gagnon, Bloc Quebecois MP for Saint-Maurice-Champlain will not stand for reelection. He's retiring at the age of 69, which sounds fair to us. According to L'Hebdo du St. Maurice-Shawinagan, Jean-Yves Laforest has voiced his plans to seek the nomination. He's president of a school board (commission scolaire de l'Energie).



Parent and Dooks are both out, in Kings-Hants and Sackville-Eastern Shore, respectively. So says CBC News. Consider previous musings inoperative.

Because Hamilton Escarpment Doesn't Have that Same Ring...

The quick and dirty on Hamilton Mountain, courtesy of (where else?) the Hamilton Mountain News:

For the Libs, its still(!) incumbent Beth Phinney.

For the Conservatives, it is not City Councillor Tom Jackson, who ran last time, as he wants to spend more time with his municipal ward. It is also not former Hamilton Police Services Chief Ken Robertson, who was unwilling to suffer the indignity of a contested nomination and backed out. Who does that leave? Noone in print, but the rumoured candidates are former Hamilton alderman Fred Eisenberger and backroom guy Don Graves.

For the New Dems? Longtime candidate Chris Charlton was going to retire her nomination papers, but she's now not sure...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Courage of Her Convictions

So who are the people who want to return former four-term Vancounver NPA city councillor Lynne Kennedy to public office, this time as the Conservative candidate against the distinctive (we're trying to be nice) Hedy Fry in Vancouver Centre?

And wasn't Ms. Kennedy last seen challenging Hedy for the Liberal nomination last year?

Just asking.

Reruns in Manitoba...

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Ken Cooper, 2004 St. Boniface Conservative Candidate is running again in St. Boniface against incumbent Liberal Raymond Simard.

And old rivals seem likely to dance that dance again in Dauphin-Swan River, where Conservative incumbent Inky Mark seems likely face Liberal Don Dewar come election day.

More from those Crazy Ontario Cons

I'm not sure if it's because they feel on top of the world, or at least on top of the internet, but there are a hell of a lot of Ontario Conservatives with loose tongues, and they all seem to be emailing us. Well, the minority that aren't actually seeking nominations, I mean. Here is the cream of their crop:

Not only is Tony Clement allegedly seeking the Parry Sound-Muskoka nomination, he also allegedly wants to get beaten like a drum by Maurizio Bevilacqua in Vaughn... David Sweet has been renominated by those Conservatives in that poorly and excessively named riding that wraps around Hamilton... Is John Capobianco a nervous man? Rumour is that 10,000 year old Morley Kells sold a lot more Conservative memberships in Etobicoke Lakeshore than anyone expected... And is the Harrisite push extending beyond former ministers to former staff? Rumour has it that former Harris issues guy and Flaherty COS Bill Hourigan is getting the big push to run for the Conservative nomination in Burlington. Unclear how either the Burlington Tories or the other candidates in the race feel about this...

Please note the lack of links in the above, and prepare as many grains of salt as you deem necessary.

Oh, and one honest to goodness actual fact. The Snobelen boomlet has burst. Our most reputable of spies informs us that the nomination deadline has come and gone with nary a word from the charming Mr. Snobelen.

Elsie: Too Old to Run, or Too Crazy?

'Nuff said.

Juicy News from Our Spies

Oh, and there is this. Our industrious spies tell us that Queen's Park is buzzing that former Ontario cabinet minister John Snobelen, presumably back from his extended relocation in Oklahoma, intends to seek the Conservative nomination in hotly contested Halton.

While you don't have to have been a Mike Harris vintage cabinet minister to seek a Conservative nomination in Ontario these days, it certainly seems to help.

Perhaps they miss the car and driver? Thoughts on a postcard to, please.

Notes from All Over

Many of these blurbs deserve more time and space, but my "real life" intrudes...

A slew of news from the password protected Star-Phoenix, so no links for you good people. Deep breath. Former NDP Saskatchewan cabinet minister and politically promiscuous NDP MP Chris Axworthy intends to seek the Liberal nomination in Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, where he lost to Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott. Farm activist and New Democrat Nettie Wiebe is seeking the NDP nomination in Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, rather than Saskatoon-Humboldt, where she ran third last year. Last year's NDP candidate in Rosetown-Biggar, Dennis Gruending, is not seeking the nomination, the Star-Phoenix reports. City Councillor Tiffany Paulsen, who placed second for the Liberals to Tory Lynne Yelich in Blackstrap is mulling a rerun of that race.

According to CBC News, the Conservatives are polling to determine who the strongest candidate would be against Scott Brison in Kings-Hants. Names tested include Tory MLA Mark Parent, former Acadia University president Kelvin Ogilvie, Bob Mullan, who ran against Brison last year and Wolfville lawyer Andrew Waterbury.

Former Maple Leaf Russ Courtnall will not run for the Conservatives in Victoria for family reasons, according to the all too password protected Times Colonist. Putting their families second are former Victoria police officer Jack McClintock and nursing administrator Faith Collins.

George Noble of North Rustico has submitted his name for the Conservative nomination in Malpeque, PEI. Curiously, Noble has worked as a recreation coordinator at the provincial correctional centre in Sleepy Hollow for just over 25 years. Volleyball with the incarcerated may be good preparation for Parliament, methinks.


Given the choice between information and misinformation, this website would usually prefer to publish information. Usually. (And don't event get us started on disinformation).

Which leads us to this Glengarry-Prescott-Russell note from a friend who writes us regarding the allegedly dueling Lalondes cited before:

There is no confusion. Alain Lalonde, who ran in 1999 for Mike Harris against Liberal Jean-Marc Lalonde [the current MPP], ran as the federal CPC candidate in 2004, is, once again, seeking the nomination in GPR. However, his Conservative nomination opponent is Pierre LEMIEUX. Not Lalonde. Lemieux, however, is a retired Lieutenant-Colonel, as you report.


Laurie Hawn running (again) for the Conservative nomination in Edmonton Centre... Irene Mathyssen running for the NDP in London Fanshawe... Dave Chatters (Con - Westlock-St. Paul AB) and Darrel Stinson (Con - North Okanagan BC) not running again due to illness...

Neither all that Aviatory nor all that Dutch

Hmm. We have significant reason to believe that (further to our "Flying Dutchman" post below) Peter Mancini may not have turned his back on Dartmouth-Cole Harbour after all, and may instead be involved in a spirited D-CH nomination battle with former Alexa McDonough Executive Assistant Anne Marie Foote.

Anyone closer to the action care to give us an update?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Slow Night

It would appear (and thank whichever deity appeals to you) that you people have a life, as the pace of news has thankfully slowed.

I can report to you that Don Boudria is running again - clearly taking the strategy of waiting the Martin years out. At this rate, he may not have to wait long. Confusingly, the candidates for the Conservative nomination in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell are both Lalondes. Alain Lalonde was the 2004 Conservative candidate and is a former mayor, and he will face retired Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre Lalonde. Neither are believed to be related to former federal Finance Minister Marc Lalonde and his charming son Paul, a lawyer at Heenan Blaikie, which I am told is a law firm of some kind.

In other news of moderate interest, a gentleman named Peter Conroy is keen on the idea of finishing third in Beaches-East York, and to that end he is presently seeking the Conservative nomination. Reliable sources inform me that he "works with young and mature businesses to assist in their growth".

A Vast Slew of Tasty Info

One particularly diligent and thorough BC Conservative-savvy spy has forwarded these tasty morsels for our enjoyment...

Abbotsford: May 14, Abbotsford Banquet Centre. Three candidates are in the running to replace retiring Conservative MP Randy White: local Coun. Ed Fast, family physician Robert Brown and insurance agent Trenton Poy.

Burnaby-Douglas: May 1, Confederation Seniors Home. Former Conservative candidate and BC Hydro Corp. finance manager George Drazenovic wants another shot at the riding, which was narrowly won by Svend Robinson's constituency assistant Bill Siksay. He's being challenged by two hopefuls: former TEAM Burnaby vice-president Gary Eyre and electrical technologist (Big) Al McDonnell.

Burnaby-New Westminster: May 15, Windsor elementary. Insurance agent Ryan Warawa, Langley MP Mark Warawa's son, is looking to run against incumbent New Democrat Peter Julian. Challengers include real estate agent Sam Rakhra and schoolteacher Marc Dalton.

North Vancouver: May 15, Parkgate Community Centre. In the last election, North Vancouver Mayor Don Bell won a surprise victory over incumbent Conservative Ted White. Conservative hopefuls this time include school trustee Cindy Silver, Fraser Institute events coordinator Leah Costello, venture capital and management services consultant Wayne Hunter, and public relations manager Alex Pannu, a special assistant to former prime minister Brian Mulroney.

Richmond: May 15, Executive Airport Plaza. Only one candidate, Howard Jampolsky, has officially announced he's running for the Conservative nomination, but at least five others have indicated they plan to seek the nomination to take on incumbent Liberal Raymond Chan. They include former Focus on the Family Canada president Darrel Reid; RCMP Insp. Bill Majcher; former Vancouver police sergeant Grant Smith; lawyer Kerry Lynne-Findlay; and businessman John Crocock.

Surrey North: May 14 or 15. The nomination in this riding is still up-in-the-air. At issue: whether MP Chuck Cadman is willing to return to the Conservative fold. Cadman lost the Tory nomination battle in that riding in 2004 but ran as an independent and won.

Vancouver Kingsway: May 11, Croatian Cultural Centre. Conservatives looking to take on Industrial Minister David Emerson include accountant and longtime party activist Marilyn Brown and former Tory candidate Kanman Wong.

Vancouver Quadra: May 11, Greek Hellenic Centre. Two Conservatives are said to be competing for the nomination, including former Socred cabinet minister Stephen Rogers. The riding is currently held by Western Economic Diversification Minister Stephen Owen.

Vancouver South: May 8, Fraserview Hall. Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh's riding has just one candidate seeking the Conservative nomination: notary public Tarlok Sablok.

West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast: May 13, Town Centre Hall, May 14 Driftwood Inn and the Sea to Sky Hotel, May 15 Hollyburn Country Club. There are three possible successors to the throne narrowly held by retiring Conservative House Leader John Reynolds in the last election: retired Vancouver police sergeant Doug Lang, autism activist Jean Lewis, and lawyer John Weston.

Vancouver Centre: May 7, tentatively scheduled for the Pacific Palisades Hotel. Liberal Hedy Fry has held the riding since 1993. But at least two Conservatives are angling to take her on: lawyer Tony Fogarassy and another candidate whom party officials declined to identify at this point.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Newfoundland spies report that the impending retirement due to ill health of Avalon Liberal MP and Minister of the Outdoors John Efford will have a knock-on effect, and provoke Conservative St. John's South-Mount Pearl MP Loyola Hearn into such a fit of homesickness that he will run in Avalon, where he actually lives.

Peace River Blues

Damn that password protection. Were it not for such obstacles, I would link you good people to the article in the [Grand Prairie AB] Daily Herald Tribune about the retirement of Peace River Conservative MP Charlie Penson, and the only declared candidate for the nomination, riding association president Chris Warkentin.

Ill health will keep retired teacher and 2004 nomination challenger Rick Horner from the race.

Ottawa Bulletin

News from one of our Eastern Ontario contacts on the Conservative nomination race in Ottawa West-Nepean:

Don`t look now but we may have a real race in OWN, where local candidate Sean Casey came within 2% of toppling 16 [year] veteran Marlene Caterall. This is the seat John Baird has jumped into - and is facing four other challengers for the nomination. The riding membership has ballooned from 800 to over 2,500 members in the past week. Local activist Ed Maufouz has matched Baird - each selling 800 new memberships - with the other three challengers submitting less than 200 between the three of them. Casey has bowed out and is backing Baird - but it may not be enough. It all depends on how the existing membership votes...

Oh, and Ottawa lawyer Alan Riddell is seeking to make life difficult for the famous Barry Turner, and is also seeking the Conservative nomination in Ottawa South.

And the Last Shall be First...

The first nominated candidate on Prince Edward Island would seem likely to be the NDP's Regena Russell in Egmont, according to CBC News... She's a lawyer who ran for the party in 2004.

Flying Dutchman, Nova Scotia edition

Our spies report that former Sydney-Victoria NDP MP Peter Mancini, having relocated to the Metro Halifax area several years ago is considering seeking the NDP nomination in Halifax West. The riding is presently represented by Minister of Fish Geoff Regan. This would be a third constituency for Mancini, who ran for and lost the NDP nomination in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour last year.

Myron Thompson: Back in the Saddle Again

The Cochrane Times reports that Conservative MP Myron Thompson is set to run again in his Wild Rose (Alberta, naturally) constituency.

The Times also reports that Jeff Horvath, Thompson's 2004 NDP opponent is considering returning to the fray, work and grad school permitting.

News from Our Spies

First, thank you all for writing in with your news. Unfortunately, politics at the local level is covered appallingly badly (IMHO) and the vast majority of information has to be transmitted by word of mouth, or word of blog, or whatever. In any event, thank you to those who have contributed, and exhortations to those of you who haven't to do so.

And while you should keep sending us all your news on who's running and where, feel free to let us know about interesting nomination stories. Who's doing what to whom, and what's being done in response...

Of course, confidentiality is our middle name, here at NW, and we feel no responsibilty to source even the most wild rumour. Well, perhaps the most wild rumours. Better tell us, just to be on the safe side.

On to the news. 2004 York South-Weston NDP candidate Paul Ferreira is returning to the fray, and unlike John Nunziata he is hoping to run in the next election for the same party he ran for last time. He'll be seeking the NDP nomination, in other words.

And even more news about those zany Halton Conservatives. The unfortuately named Rick Malbouef is a candidate for the nomination, as is former Scarborough PC candidate Darcy Keene.

An Independent North?

News from the North - it would seem that former NWT Premier Stephen Kakfwi is so irked with longtime Liberal MP Ethel Blondin-Andrew over an appointment that he is thinking (and telling CBC News) that he is thinking about running against her as an independent in Western Arctic.

Also in the story - 2004 NDP candidate Dennis Bevington reveals that he intends to stand for the nomination again, but he is thoughtful enough to let us know that others might challenge him. A cordial bunch, the Western Arctic NDP, it would seem.

Bevington only lost to Blondin-Andrew by 53 votes, FYI.

From the Papers

News from papers large and small.

The long, slow rightward march of John Nunziata seems to continue, at least according to the Sun Papers. They report that the former Liberal MP, fresh from his rejection by the general public in Toronto's 2003 mayoral election, is considering seeking the Conservative nomination in York South-Weston.

In the Toronto Star, Ian Urquhart takes a look on the fallout of both Baird and Flaherty leaving Queens Park for greener (and presumably a deeper shade of blue) pastures in Ottawa.

Along the way, he also notes that a few other Harris-era provincial Conservatives are trying to move on up. Also seeking federal nominations are former MPPs Morley Kells in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Raminder Gill in Mississauga-Streetsville, and Terence Young in Oakville.

There is also bags of news from Peterborough This Week, of all places. They report on the race to replace retiring Liberal MP Peter Adams, and give us the news that Dean Pappas has "officially quashed" rumours that he may seek the Liberal Party nomination, but that city councillor Bob Hall and public school board trustee Diane Lloyd are still thinking it over.

Sticking with Peterborough This Week, they also have news that Linda Slavin, the NDP's 2004 nominee will seek the 2005 nomination at a meeting on May 10.

Peterborough This Week also (equal time rules seem to apply there) has news of the Conservative nomination - but much murkier news. It would seem that local lawyer Bill Hampton has announced he will seek the Conservative Party nomination, joining Darrin Langen. That's all clear enough, but "unofficially, there are about seven individuals in the hunt", and that "rumours continue to swirl around Peter McLean and James Jackson also seeking the candidacy." Whoever they are.

Won't You People Leave Me Alone?

The whole world wants to tell me that Peter Kent (not the Scud Stud, his brother) is thinking about running against Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett (not Carolyn Parrish) in the salubrious Toronto riding of St. Paul's.

And, speaking of Barry Turner, former Tory MP Garth Turner has decided to offer himself to the Canadian people. He, like North Oakville resident Brent Colbert, is seeking the Conservative nomination in Halton.

And before I tumble into a dreamless sleep, I have to tell you that Brent Barr is seeking the Conservative nomination in Guelph.

There. That feels better.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Even More Ontario

In the realm of rumours that are just waiting to become true, we have the as yet officially undeclared former Ontario Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty in Whitby-Oshawa, a seat with boundaries identical to his seat in the Ontario Legislature.

Our readers inform us that lobbyist and 2004 candidate John Capobianco is seeking the Etobicoke Lakeshore nomination against former MPP Morley Kells.

And shadowy Tory sources indicate that someone called Tom Barlow is running against someone called Axel Kuhn somewhere called Etobicoke Centre. Also perhaps in is Tim Flynn, son of former Metro Toronto Chair Dennis Flynn. Flynn is rumoured to have the support of at least some of Chris Stockwell's (former MPP, Etobicoke Centre) people. That is, if he's running...

Similarly Blue Sources lead us to beleive that the threat of Tony Clement has sent retired General Lewis McKenzie scuttling as far as an unnamed Ottawa riding in search of a Conservative nomination.

Oh, and Paul Cooper is seeking the Conservative nomination in Thornhill.

UPDATE: Spelling adjusted, links added and a bonus candidate in Etobicoke Centre. Look what we do for you wonderful democrats!

Readers' Notes: Ontario

More news, from more readers. We have word (reported last week in the popular press, but new to here) that John Baird, present MPP for Nepean-Carleton will be seeking the Conservative nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Our spies report that Kenora is heading for a rerun of the 2004 race between incumbent Liberal MP Roger Valley, NDP candidate the Rev. Susan Barclay and Conservative Bill Brown. None are seemingly nominated, all are seeking same.

And further to our blockbuster news re: Barry Turner, we are informed that there is trouble in paradise for all you Turner groupies. Other candidates for the Ottawa South Conservative nomination include Alan Riddell and Gordon Kubanek.

You Mean People Read this Thing?

Our faithful readers (you know who you are, the ones who were with us in the beginning - back at 6.30 or so) have already come through. All kinds of updates have been pouring in - mainly from Conservatives, which suggests that Wells' Martin-bashing has skewed him to the right. But I digress.

We have word from cottage country that the Tony Clement, Canada's Harold Stassen has resurfaced, and is seeking the Conservative nomination in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

From deepest, darkest Manitoba, we have word of a swath of Conservative (is it right to call them Tories at this point?) candidates for nominations. In Winnipeg South, presently represented by Minister of Somthing Reg Alcock, we have Rod Bruinooge, the 2004 Conservative candidate, and Hugh McFadyen, described by our Manitoba correspondent as a "City Hall player and former Filmon aide"

The right to face Anita Neville (L-Winnipeg South Centre) is presently being fought over between Shaun McCaffrey and
Michael Richards, who I am assured is not a former Seinfeld cast member.

And the Conservative sacrificial lamb set to face Elmwood-Transcona NDP MP Bill Blaikie is former provincial PC candidate Linda West.

For good measure, our Manitoba correspondent also informs us that unsuccesful 2004 Kildonan-St. Paul Liberal candidate Terry Duguid, who lost to Joy Smith MP is seeking a rematch, nomination voters willing.

Sponsorship money? I wish...

As was widely rumoured, the Ottawa Sun reports that Barry Turner, former MP for Ottawa-Carleton (1984-88) will seek the Conservative nod in Ottawa South, taking on the divided loyalties of Liberal MP David McGuinty.

More Nova Scotia News. The Halifax Herald reports that Bob Mullan, a Kemptville family doctor will be seeking the Conservative nomination in Kings Hants. He was the Conservative candidate in 2004. He may be facing MLA Mark Parent, (should leave his present musing phase, and decide to run) and would face "Liberal" MP Scott Brison in the general.

Also, Former Nova Scotia finance minister Greg Kerr announced his intention Friday to seek the Conservative nomination in West Nova, currently held by Liberal Robert Thibault. That nomination meeting will be held on May 7.

News from Southwestern Ontario. Jerry Pickard, longtime Chatham Liberal MP, most recently representing a riding called "Chatham-Kent-Essex" is retiring, citing health concerns, per the London Free Press.

The Free Press also reports that Al Gretzky, uncle of the Great One has been acclaimed as Conservative candidate in London West, where he will likely face incumbent Liberal Sue Barnes.

Also mentioned is that London lawyer Dan Mailer has announced he's seeking the Conservative nomination in London-Fanshawe, challenging decisive Liberal MP Pat O'Brien.

Sketchy news from Wetaskawin. The Lacombe Globe reports that five candidates are seeking the Conservative nomination in Wetaskawin, as incumbent Conservative MP Dale Johnston is retiring. As of last Thursday, only Blaine Calkins of Lacombe had filed nomination papers.

For those of you who thrive on such details, the Wetaskiwin constituency stretches from Devon in the north to Blackfalds in the south, and from the western tip of Buffalo Lake in the east to the North Saskatchewan River in the west.

According to, the NDP have nominated Frances Fry, the Coordinator of the Labrador West Status of Women Council as their candidate in the May 24 Labrador by-election.

It had previously been rumoured that MHA Randy Collins would seek the NDP nomination, but he passed. Nominated for the Liberals is Todd Russell, president of the Labrador Metis Nation. Labrador City Mayor Graham Letto has been nominated by the Conservative Party of Canada.

Ok, here goes. According to CBC, PC MLAs Mark Parent and Bill Dooks are considering challenging Sackville-Eastern Shore NDP MP Peter Stoffer.

Unclear who would ever read this, but here goes. The plan is to use this as a one-stop-shopping place to see who's nominated, who's seeking nomination and who's testing the waters in advance of the forthcoming federal election. News will hopefully be rooted mainly in published reports, but word of mouth gossip will also be accepted...

Nomination Watcher