Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Windsor Knot

Ask for Windsor gossip, get Windsor gossip. It's a truism we've all experienced. Well here's the story, such as it is. Bruck Easton is set to be the Liberal candidate in Windsor-Tecumseh, the successor to the Windsor-St. Clair riding he fought as the PC candidate in 1997 and 2000. The riding is held by NDP MP Joe Comartin. Should something disrupt the historical inevitability of a Easton candidacy, former municipal candidate Ed Sleiman waits in the wings, as previously "reported".

Other Windsor ridings allegedly have even larger Liberal names. Could Sandra Pupatello leave Queen's Park and a cabinet job for a run against Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse? Could Susan Whelan be looking for a rematch against the nameless, faceless Conservative presently representing "Essex-Whelan" in Ottawa? Yes and yes - allegedly.

And if you believe the most jaundiced of ears, waiting for any of these hopefuls to fail is a young man in a hurry - Windsor mayor Eddie Francis. His term runs out in December 2006, and would likely fit nicely into any subsequent Liberal nomination race...