Thursday, November 10, 2005

What else is new?

Well, since we've been gone things have gone completely mental in Churchill. First, MP Bev Desjarlais was defeated for the NDP nomination by Niki Ashton, whose many positive qualities are complemented nicely by her lineage - she is the daughter of local NDP supremo and Manitoba cabinet minister Steve Ashton. (Though the Ottawa media was quick to ascribe Desjarlais' defeat to her vote against same sex marriage, deeper thinkers look to union politics and more profound dissatisfaction with Desjarlais as contributing factors to her defeat.) Desjarlais has since left the NDP caucus in Ottawa and is rattling swords about running as an independent.

Now, CBC brings word that the Liberals have nominated Tina Keeper, a former North of 60 cast member as their candidate. Though born in the riding, Keeper moved south to Winnipeg at the age of four, and has been active in social causes since No60 went off the air.