Thursday, November 10, 2005

We're back. Did you miss us?

Well, like it or not, we're back. What with this whole election thingy rearing its ugly head, (and I mean Reg Alcock ugly. Or Art Hanger ugly, depending on which side of the street you work.) we thought it best to resurrect ourselves.

But to what end, dear readers? What do you want of us? Well, apart from random cattiness, we mean. We've still a trickle of nominations to provide to you - but once a writ is dropped what remaining use are we? Well, one thought that occurs to us is as a clearing house for that juicy kind of riding level news usually ignored by the national media as they pl.ay follow the leaders.

But we leave it to you - does that sound at all appealing? And are any of you still out there to feedback to us? Please, let us know...

PS - virtually all mail sent to us since mid-summer has been cruelly trashed by hotmail unread. If you have quality dish, please resend!