Thursday, November 10, 2005

We know you missed us - you're just too shy to say so...

Cornwall Liberals will gather on Sunday to select a candidate in the federal riding of Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry. At least so says the Brockville Recorder & Times. (We only read it for the racing tips...)

South Stormont Councillor Bill Upper and North Stormont businessman and organic farmer Tom Manley are the two dogs in this hunt.

PS - For those of you who thrive on this level of detail (and you know who you are) Tom Manley would not on first blush appear to be a John Manley Manley. He would rather seem to self-identify as a Peter Manley Manley. Peter Manley of course being the world famous former MPP for Stormont in the 1950's and Tom Manley's grandfather. No word on any ties to Michael Manley, sad to say.

PPS - Oh, and the above Manley link would also indicate that Tom Manley was Deputy Leader of the Green Party until he hed a touch of the Ujjals earlier this fall and discovered he was a Liberal all along. Hard cheese for the Greens, then. Organic, lactose-free cheese, but hard cheese nevertheless.