Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Overdue Roundup

Damn this Real Life. Here we are, trying to keep a pot on the stove, blog-wise, but the doorbell keeps ringing. In any event, we provide all this, for you, from us.

Quimby is officially in. Almost.

Efford is out. Finally.

Perhaps in our haste, we failed to pay close attention to the selection of Christian Provenzano, nephew of former Sault Ste. Marie MP Carmen Provenzano as the Liberal candidate in the aforementioned riding. Here's a sycophantic article and a picture of him and former MP once removed Ron Irwin in the snow.

Stealth Liberal in Peace River! (Also, Chris Warkentin replaces Conservative MP Charlie Penson, and Susan Thompson runs for the NDP).

Oh, and Paul Wells is keeping tabs on Bob Rae, with an eye to his future...

And is former Edmonton councillor and defeated mayoral candidate Robert Noce going to further frustrate poor Nicole Martel and compete for the Edmonton East Liberal nomination?

Answers on the back of a postcard addressed to nominationwatch@hotmail.com