Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our Self Image

We think of ourselves at Nomination Watch as a fairly stable, well adjusted bunch. But what really causes us to press our palms to our temples, break out the irish whiskey, oil up the shotgun and think some tremendously dodgy thoughts is... getting scooped by our bloggy type "friends". And yes, yes, we know. We've only been back for a day or two and we need to get our sea legs, but really. It just won't do.

We refer, of course, to this. (I mean, it helps that it's Calgary Grit, who's a fine fellow and all that, but really. It stings. It really does. And he even provides the bloody link.)

Of course, being a magnanimous bunch of folks, we are able to dispose of all these bad vibes and welcome Deborah Coyne to the Toronto Danforth Liberal nomination race. While we're at it, we welcome her to Toronto Danforth and to Toronto as a whole. We're sure that after a while on the Danforth, she'll wonder why she ever lived in Ottawa at all. Or, for that matter, why she's trying to get the voters to send her back there.