Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An eerie silence from Windsor Libs

Sometimes, the absence of news is, in and of itself, news. At least that's our view of the failure of Windsor-area Liberals to nominate a candidate in any of the region's federal ridings to date. Usually Detroit South (or Detroit-Sud, as it's known up and down Ouellette and Gratiot) is a hotbed of Grit intrigue, as half the City Council battles with half the Essex Law Association for the chance to fling themselves to Ottawa or Queen's Park. To date, we at Nomination Watch remain underwhelmed by the rumours that have reached us. We trust that our faithful readers can remedy that situation forthwith.

What do we have to date? Well, we gather that prominent Windsor development lawyer Jack Ramieri may be in the mix for a nomination - and why not? A black belt in karate *and* a Jeopardy contestant? Why not? Still, we are suspicious of anyone who keeps a record of his Student Union involvement on his CV more than 20 years post-gradutation, even if he was Chief Electoral Officer. Well, especially if he was...

And while we're at it, why do we keep hearing that former Joe Clarkaholic and Progressive Conservative supremo Bruck Easton is considering a run for a Liberal nomination down in Windsor? Though he did endorse the Libs last time, we just thought that was a fit of pique.

Have you heard more - about Windsor or anywhere else, for that matter? Let us know at nominationwatch@hotmail.com.