Friday, May 20, 2005

Soldiering On

Despite recent some developments related to election timing, we offer you the only thing we can - an update.

Some quality gossip from lower mainland New Democrats. It would seem the race for the NDP nomination in New Westminster-Coquitlam has been joined. We recently brought you the news that 2004 candidate Steve McClurg would stand for the nomination again - but he's not the only one. It seems that former NDP New Westminster MP Dawn Black will also be throwing her hat into the ring.

Also from that part of the world comes the news that health care administrator and mental health advocate John Russell is considering running for the NDP nomination in the Surrey area riding of Fleetwood-Port Kells.

Skullduggery in Fredericton? That's the suggestion in this CBC piece. Seemingly someone isn't happy with how things went down in the Conservative nomination race. Anyone keen to provide colour and texture would be advised to share with the whole class through an email sent to

And despite previous musings to the contrary, former Northwest Territories Premier Stephen Kakfwi won't be a candidate for anything in the forthcoming election, whenever it comes forth. CBC says he's not running as an independent in Western Arctic, and he's not running as a Liberal.

It would seem to be the Lesser of Two Evils Mark II in Markham-Unionville. The incredibly shrinking star candidate, Veterans Affairs Minister John McCallum will face another challenge from nominated Conservative candidate Joe "Garbage Immigrants" Li. Never has a NDP nomination in Markham taken on such significance. On the other hand, given conditions such as these, we actually think the Bloc could do quite well in Markham...

Distemper seems to be reigning supreme amongst Richmond's Conservatives. Despite the nomination of former Preston Manning chief of staff Darrell Reid, all the Richmond Review can write about is either how unhappy everyone seems to be, or denials thereof. "I heard there were heated feelings. I heard there were remarks exchanged. Whether there were fisticuffs, I'm not aware of that ... There was a lot of dissatisfaction expressed by a lot of people." Fisticuffs? Do tell us more...

There's also a treasure trove of information in the Hamilton local papers. (That's right, dear readers. We read them so you don't have to). The Stoney Creek News is beside itself with the information that local Labour Council Prez and School Board Trustee Wayne Marston will seek the NDP nomination in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. The article also notes that Steelworker activist Bob Sutton will not seek the nomination, and that city councillor Sam Merulla, a former Liberal who joined the NDP a month ago, will not seek the nomination.

Across town, the Hamilton Mountain News reports that Hamilton councillor Bill Kelly "is not just sitting on the horns of a dilemma, he is in fact lying on a bed of nails." We think they mean he's in a bit of trouble, but we're not sure. In any event, the remainder of the article seems to be about Mr. Kelly's decision to seek the Hamilton Mountain Liberal nomination, so we thought we'd pass it along to you.

The Mountain News also runs this article, in which default Hamilton Mountain Conservative candidate Frank Graves claims that despite the failure of the party to attract a higher profile candidate, "I'm not a candidate by default". The article continues that Hamilton Mountain New Democrats will choose between former candidate Chris Charlton and Bob Thompson, a provincial government employee in their nomination race.

And finishing off on the Hamilton area (for those of you who are still reading), Dr. Gordon Guyatt, a a professor of medicine at McMaster University, " and the NDP's 2004 candidate in Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale (our least favorite riding name not involving Sea to Sky country) will seek the party's nomination for the forthcoming campaign. So says the Dundas Star-News.

Oh, and in a rare spot of non-Hamilton news, Environmental law specialist Linda Duncan has won the right to challenge Conservative MP and coffee baron Rahim Jaffer in Edmonton-Strathcona. Ms. Duncan will be running in the New Democratic interest.