Monday, May 02, 2005

Oh, and This

Bags of news in this Hill Times piece, old and new. The highlights? Rose-Marie Ur (Lib - Middlesex-Kent-Lambton) isn't sure she's running again, and gets a few good swings into Dalton McGuinty while she muses. Bev Shipley, the Conservative candidate she faced last time is running again, it would seem.

The Hill Times also pushes the term "star candidate" to its limits in reporting that world-famous former Minister of Indian Affairs Pauline Browes will be seeking re-election following her dozen years out of office, this time against Liberal incumbent John McKay in Scarborough-Guildwood.

Oh, and they report the much reported (but not here, until now) news that 1974 Miss Canada Blair Lancaster, will be seeking the Conservtive nomination in Burlington, currently held by Liberal MP Paddy Torsney.

And that business about Bill Hourigan in Burlington? Pure lies, it would seem. The nomination deadline has passed without an entry from Mr. Hourigan.