Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Molto Ottawa

Tasty little article in this morning's (password protected - grrr) Ottawa Citizen. To save you having to pay for the damn thing, (heaven forfend) I will give you a little precis:

John Baird...no coronation...tough nomination battle on Thursday.... stiffest challenge from retired teacher Ed Mahfouz..."It's a horse race. I am a man of the grassroots and the grassroots will speak on Thursday," Mr. Mahfouz said...longtime party activist Margret Kopala and management consultant Ade Olumide also running...Conservatives nominate retired public servant Paul Benoit in Ottawa Vanier....Riddell and the famous Barry Turner in Ottawa South blah blah blah..."People really know me as a person who has been involved in public life. They are saying 'he is older, he is wiser,' " said Mr. Turner... In Ottawa Centre, three candidates lawyer Guy Dufort, retired public servant Idris Ben-Tahir and Keith Fountain of the Department of Foreign Affairs want the Conservative nomination...In Ottawa Orleans, Walter Robinson's not running, and Joel Bernard, a former member of the New Brunswick legislature, and Royal Galipeau, a former municipal politician are.

There. Now you all owe me the cost of a newspaper.