Friday, May 06, 2005

Miss a Day, Miss a Lot - Ontario Edition

Apologies to all those of you thanklessly hitting "refresh" in the hopes of some fresh nomination news, nestled lovingly amongst the baseless rumours and outright lies. Real life intruded, as is its wont. On to the "news"...

John Baird won the Conservative nomination in Ottawa West-Nepean last night. Now attention shifts to the Liberals. Did one of our spies mention that longtime Lib MP Marlene Catterall might be moving on and that Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli might be thinking about running?

And while we're thinking about Ottawa, shadowy New Democrat forces are allegedly reaching out to former Ottawa city councillor and wunderkind Alex Munter to run for the party in Ottawa Centre. So says the Ottawa Sun, anyway. He says a run is unlikely, but he's not saying absolutely not...

The major party candidates are set in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, according to the Stoney Creek News, who ought to know, really. Liberal House Leader Tony Valeri will stand again, and face the man who almost beat him, NDP candidate and Steelworker leader Tony DePaulo. Frank Rukavina, a "project coordinator for an engineering consulting firm", whatever that is, will run for the Conservatives.

The last man standing at the Hamilton Mountain nomination meeting/musical chairs game is Don Graves, who will be their candidate. According to the Hamilton Mountain News, Graves seems to have been the association's fourth choice, at best.

Peterborough City Councillor Henry Clarke will seek the Liberal nomination in Peterborough, attempting to replace retiring Liberal MP Peter Adams, according to anonymous sources cited in Peterborough This Week. (And you really shouldn't ever trust anonymous sources. Well, perhaps occasionally.)

And the London Free Press alerts us to the post-Ur doings in Middlesex-Kent-Lambton. Apparantly Bev Shipley is being joined in the Conservative nomination fight by financial analyst Peter Aarssen. Former Lambton County warden Todd Case is presently all alone in the Liberal race to replace Ur.

Oh, and the gossip in Liberal circles in Winsdor is that the Liberal nominee in Windsor-Tecumseh is probably unsuccesful city councillor candidate Ed Sleiman. Please note the lack of link, and adjust trust accordingly.