Friday, May 06, 2005

Miss a Day, Miss a Lot - Elsewhere...

Thin pickings from non-Ontario today. (And you, the readers can remedy this situation with one little note sent to Operators aren't standing by, but they will get to it sooner or later...)

The news is this: apparantly, former Hatfield minister Yvon Poitras is not running for the Conservatives in Madawaska-Restigouche, after all. Confusingly, Jean-Pierre Ouellette, another former Hatfield minister, is.

And news of the Conservative Party in Quebec from the pages of La Presse, of all places. Maxime Bernier will be the party's candidate in Beauce. He works in insurance, but more saliently is the son of Gilles Bernier, a former Tory MP from the seat. Also, Daniel Fournier will be the Conservative candidate in Outremont.