Monday, May 09, 2005


Small news from all over.

John Capobianco beat back the wizened forces of the past - Morely Kells is gone, at least until the next Conservative Etobicoke-Lakeshoreish nomination comes vacant.

Dave Van Kesteren was acclaimed as the Conservative candidate for Chatham-Kent-Essex. Van Kesteren lost by only 405 votes to retiring Liberal Jerry Pickard in 2004.

We feel like such fools for bringing this to you now, but PC MHA Fabian Manning was turfed from the Tory caucus in St. John's - allegedly for talking to Peter McKay about the federal Conservative nomination in Avalon.

And finally, this rather odd news from the Halifax Chronicle Herald - "Entertainer Howie MacDonald is taking another run at politics. Mr. MacDonald, 40, a married father of two, will seek the Tory nomination in Sydney-Victoria." Anyone able to give any colour and texture to this little snippet ("Entertainer"? "Another"? "Howie"?) should provide such colour and texture to