Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hither and Yon. Mainly Yon, Actually.

A big bulletin has come in from New Brunswick, Canada's gateway to Maine. Although woefully short of information on the mighty NBNDP, it does fill in a lot of blanks.

First of all, it would seem that Bernie Valcourt is not going to offer his services to the nation and to the people of Madawaska once more. To date, the nation has no comment, and the people of Madawaska's remarks have been deemed unfit for publication.

In other, meatier news (well, meatier gossip, anyway), the Conservative race in Fredericton contains six candidates including Barbara Baird, former leader of the PC Party of NB (1989-91), and Raj Venugopal, the PC candidate in 2000.

In Tobique-Mactaquac the talk is thatlast year's candidate, Mike Allen, will face a nomination fight with former Alliance organizer Adam Richardson, who left the Alliance pre-merger after some sort of hissy fit with Harper.

In Saint John the candidates include former PC Party of NB president Lisa Keenan.

Madawaska-Restigouche Conservatives, attempting to fill the void left by the substantial Valcourt have turned to Yvon Poitras, a former minister in the Hatfield government, who is rumoured to be thinking about it.

And in Moncton, one of the safest Lib seats in the province, City councillor Doug Robertson, son of former Hatfield minister Brenda Robertson, is rumoured to be seeking nomination.

As for the Liberals, all seven incumbents are presumed to be seeking re-election at this point. There had been speculation about Claudette Bradshaw in Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe opting out, but she's announced she will run...

Rose-Marie Ur has gone public with her runlessness - in the London Free Press.

Yves Malette (a city councillor) and local lawyer Robert Riopelle are the candidates for the Liberal nod in Timmins-James Bay. So says the Timmins Times.

And there is a whole mess of rerunning going on in "Greater Sudbury". So says It would seem that 2004 NDP nominee Claude Gravelle will give things another go in Nickel Belt, as will his 2004 NDP colleague from Sudbury, Gerry McIntaggart.

Our latest installment in our seemingly endless series of updates on southwestern Ontario, Kitchener Conestoga faces a six way fight for the Conservative nomination and the chance to face incumbent Liberal MP Lynn Myers. Our spies draw our attention to notable candidates Wayne Wettlaufer, a former PC MPP and retired dentist and Waterloo School Board Chair Harold Albrect. (And what does that say about the unnotable candidates?)

And finally, some Liberal news from Edmonton. Maureen Towns, the Liberal candidate of record in Edmonton-Sherwood Park has declined to run again, and someone called Nicole Martel is seeking the Liberal nomination in Edmonton East.