Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fear and Loathing in Glengarry Prescott Russell

Le Droit is a deep pail of information on the seething mess that has been left by the retirement of Don Boudria in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.

First, the Libs - GPR MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde has confirmed that he is considering running for the Liberal nomination. Mathieu Dupont, a 27-yr-old assistant to Boudria, is the only declared candidate today, but Yves Drouin, former Mayor of Hawkesbury and J.-M. Lalonde rival for the 1994 provincial Liberal nomination in what was then called Prescott-Russell, is also considering throwing his hat into the ring. Another rumoured candidate is Jeanne Charlebois, municipal clerk-treasurer with Champlain Twp. Not in Le Droit, but rumoured is the candidacy of a little Boudria - perhaps son Dan or daughter Julie?

Le Droit also runs a piece on the Conservative nomination in GPR. Apparently nomination candidate Alain Lalonde has pulled out, pledging that he will stand as an independant Conservative. Lalonde is quoted as saying the local Conservative association has been taken over by the extreme religious right, and that when he wins the general election, he will ask Harper to welcome him into the official Conservative fold. Confident fella...