Monday, May 30, 2005

Back... with a vengeance

Ok, so here we all are then. And what have we learned?

Well, a couple of things. The front page of the G&M seems to have caught up with the story that the Conservative Party does seem to be nominating a hell of a lot of (so to speak) social conservatives. That would mean that the approximate time of a story leaving Halifax and arriving in Ottawa is approximately one week. The follow-up stories come along faster, though.

The article does note that Cindy Silver, who will run for the Tories in North Vancouver, was the executive director of the Christian Legal Fellowship for two years in the 1990s, Marc Dalton, who will run in New Westminster-Burnaby has been the pastor of a community church in Burnaby and from our "blast from the past" column, former Ontario MP Rene Soetens was defeated in his bid for electoral redemption by Dr. Rondo Thomas, a top official with the Canada Christian College.

(While we don't have a dog in the fight between social conservatives and the Globe and Mail, we are strongly of the mind that Canada needs more parliamentarians who answer to the name "Dr. Rondo".)

Other broad trends we've picked up on? Well there seems to be a growing consensus that a whole whack of candidates, Conservative and otherwise will be replaced between now and the eventual election date. This will consist of an easy to imagine cull of no-hoper candidates who find something better to do with their free time over the next 8-10 months, but may also include a smattering of profile-challenged nominated candidates being tossed aside in favour of higher-type profile candidates. Expect the air to be rich with invective in such ridings, making our job far easier.

But on to the gossip, lies and - tossed like grit amongst all this chicken feed - some smatterings of truth...

The friends of Susan Coyne have started to come through with a little press. She is apparantly in like Flynn for a Grit nomination - though this piece doesn't specify which one...

Is there really a seething war going on within Richmond's Conservatives in the wake of the nomination of super-social conservative Darrel Reid? Or does the Richmond Review just hate Reid like poison? And does he really spell his first name that way?

Speaking of local papers with an agenda, would the Hamilton Mountain News like to run the news that Conservative Hamilton Mountain candidate Don Graves has no public profile again? They've printed that story so often Graves can now be said to have a high profile as a no-profile candidate. Still, it's the only thing we know about him. Oh, and in actual news, Hamilton Mountain New Democrats have nominated Chris Charlton as their candidate.

Diane Lloyd is the Liberal candidate in Peterborough, succeeding retiring Liberal Peter Adams, according to Peterborough This Week.

The Chronicle-Herald (who despite its many failings, seldom misses even the goofiest Nova Scotia nomination story) says that Liberals nave nominated Truro lawyer Gary Richard in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, where he will face longtime Conservative MP Bill Casey.

After much hemming and hawing - and after getting turfed from the provincial Tory caucus for hemming and hawing - amongst other things - Conservative MHA Fabian Manning will not be running for the Conservatives in Avalon.

"Well-known" strategist (and 1997 candidate) Jamey Heath will seek the NDP nomination in Ottawa Centre - joining a race already occupied by Paul Dewar and Ottawa lawyer Tiffani Mackenzie.

Notes from the Orangey part of Redmonton - the NDP has nominated Donna Martyn in Edmonton Centre. She is an activist for the disabled, and she recently ran for the party provincially in Edmonton Riverview. In a donnybrook in Edmonton East, Arlene Chapman, the former executive director of the Edmonton Social Planning Council beat 2004 candidate Janina Strudwick and serial nomination-loser Mimi Williams.