Friday, May 13, 2005

"All This For You, With Me..."

Nomination news that could only be described as "fast and furious"

The puzzlingly password protected Hamilton Spectator reports on seismic events in Hamilton. Longtime Hamilton Mountain Liberal backbencher Beth Phinney (all the way at the back, if you know what we mean) has called it quits, and will not run again. The Spec speculates that Lib replacements for Phinney could include city councilor Bill Kelly and Javid Mirza, president of the Muslim Association of Hamilton. Chris Charlton, who lost to Phinney in 2004 and previously, is in, and will seek the NDP nomination. The Spectator also reports that 2004 Hamilton East-Stoney Creek NDP candidate Tony DePaulo will not run again, due to his commitment to USWA negotiations. Possible NDP candidates against Liberal MP Tony Valeri include labour council president and school trustee Wayne Marston, and Steelworker and party activist Bob Sutton.

Also in the Spectator is the news that former Liberal MP Stan Keyes will not attempt to win his old seat back from Hamilton Centre NDP MP Dave Christopherson. Eliot Hill, a "Toronto police officer with no political experience" will be the Conservative candidate. Does this mean that Stan's beloved senate appointment is finally coming through?

CBC says John Wallace is the Conservative candidate in St. John. And who are we to argue?

Zanniness reigns in Abbotsford, and how many times have we said that? The proof is found in this piece from the Abbotsford News, which in reporting on the Conservative nomination process notes in passing that Canadian Idol contestant Shane Wiebe has endorsed candidate Ed Fast. The News also runs a picture of Fast ennobling a supporter with a scarf. Check the link, as we are unable to describe the transaction otherwise. Trenton Poy is his opponent.

Oak Lake teacher Bob Senff has been nominated by the NDP to face Conservative MP Merv Tweed in Brandon-Souris, according to the Brandon Sun

CBC reports George Noble of North Rustico, a former provincial government employee is to be the Conservative candidate in Malpeque

Peterborough This Week has the full run-down from Peterborough (where else?) - Linda Slavin is nominated for the NDP, a donnybrook is set to ensue for the Conservative nomination with candidacy from (deep breath) Bill Hampton, Aaron Henderson, 2004 federal election candidate James Jackson, Darrin Langen, Dean Del Mastro, Paul Peterson and Alan Wilson

The Gazette reports on Hewardmania, which has already been talked to death, but also notes that the Conservatives have nominated a whole whack of candidates on the South Shore. They charitably note "[n]one of them are well known beyond the ridings."

Athabaska-Fort McMurray has checked in. According to Fort McMurray Today, CEP activist Roland Lefort will run for the NDP, former Mayor and 2004 candidate Doug Faulkner won't run for the Libs and Conservative MP Brian Jean is in.

A couple of NDP associations in Edmonton have nominated - Donna Martyn, who ran in Edmonton-Riverview for the NDP provincially has been nominated to run in Edmonton-Centre. Also, Mike Melymick is back for another kick at the can in Edmonton-St. Albert and he has been nominated to run again. Also, Melanee Thomas, who ran in 2004, will return as the NDP candidate in Lethbridge.

John Carmichael, the owner of a car dealership and a bigwig in the world of rowing will be the Conservative candidate in Don Valley West.