Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You Mean People Read this Thing?

Our faithful readers (you know who you are, the ones who were with us in the beginning - back at 6.30 or so) have already come through. All kinds of updates have been pouring in - mainly from Conservatives, which suggests that Wells' Martin-bashing has skewed him to the right. But I digress.

We have word from cottage country that the Tony Clement, Canada's Harold Stassen has resurfaced, and is seeking the Conservative nomination in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

From deepest, darkest Manitoba, we have word of a swath of Conservative (is it right to call them Tories at this point?) candidates for nominations. In Winnipeg South, presently represented by Minister of Somthing Reg Alcock, we have Rod Bruinooge, the 2004 Conservative candidate, and Hugh McFadyen, described by our Manitoba correspondent as a "City Hall player and former Filmon aide"

The right to face Anita Neville (L-Winnipeg South Centre) is presently being fought over between Shaun McCaffrey and
Michael Richards, who I am assured is not a former Seinfeld cast member.

And the Conservative sacrificial lamb set to face Elmwood-Transcona NDP MP Bill Blaikie is former provincial PC candidate Linda West.

For good measure, our Manitoba correspondent also informs us that unsuccesful 2004 Kildonan-St. Paul Liberal candidate Terry Duguid, who lost to Joy Smith MP is seeking a rematch, nomination voters willing.