Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ottawa Bulletin

News from one of our Eastern Ontario contacts on the Conservative nomination race in Ottawa West-Nepean:

Don`t look now but we may have a real race in OWN, where local candidate Sean Casey came within 2% of toppling 16 [year] veteran Marlene Caterall. This is the seat John Baird has jumped into - and is facing four other challengers for the nomination. The riding membership has ballooned from 800 to over 2,500 members in the past week. Local activist Ed Maufouz has matched Baird - each selling 800 new memberships - with the other three challengers submitting less than 200 between the three of them. Casey has bowed out and is backing Baird - but it may not be enough. It all depends on how the existing membership votes...

Oh, and Ottawa lawyer Alan Riddell is seeking to make life difficult for the famous Barry Turner, and is also seeking the Conservative nomination in Ottawa South.