Thursday, April 28, 2005

More from those Crazy Ontario Cons

I'm not sure if it's because they feel on top of the world, or at least on top of the internet, but there are a hell of a lot of Ontario Conservatives with loose tongues, and they all seem to be emailing us. Well, the minority that aren't actually seeking nominations, I mean. Here is the cream of their crop:

Not only is Tony Clement allegedly seeking the Parry Sound-Muskoka nomination, he also allegedly wants to get beaten like a drum by Maurizio Bevilacqua in Vaughn... David Sweet has been renominated by those Conservatives in that poorly and excessively named riding that wraps around Hamilton... Is John Capobianco a nervous man? Rumour is that 10,000 year old Morley Kells sold a lot more Conservative memberships in Etobicoke Lakeshore than anyone expected... And is the Harrisite push extending beyond former ministers to former staff? Rumour has it that former Harris issues guy and Flaherty COS Bill Hourigan is getting the big push to run for the Conservative nomination in Burlington. Unclear how either the Burlington Tories or the other candidates in the race feel about this...

Please note the lack of links in the above, and prepare as many grains of salt as you deem necessary.

Oh, and one honest to goodness actual fact. The Snobelen boomlet has burst. Our most reputable of spies informs us that the nomination deadline has come and gone with nary a word from the charming Mr. Snobelen.