Wednesday, April 27, 2005

From the Papers

News from papers large and small.

The long, slow rightward march of John Nunziata seems to continue, at least according to the Sun Papers. They report that the former Liberal MP, fresh from his rejection by the general public in Toronto's 2003 mayoral election, is considering seeking the Conservative nomination in York South-Weston.

In the Toronto Star, Ian Urquhart takes a look on the fallout of both Baird and Flaherty leaving Queens Park for greener (and presumably a deeper shade of blue) pastures in Ottawa.

Along the way, he also notes that a few other Harris-era provincial Conservatives are trying to move on up. Also seeking federal nominations are former MPPs Morley Kells in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Raminder Gill in Mississauga-Streetsville, and Terence Young in Oakville.

There is also bags of news from Peterborough This Week, of all places. They report on the race to replace retiring Liberal MP Peter Adams, and give us the news that Dean Pappas has "officially quashed" rumours that he may seek the Liberal Party nomination, but that city councillor Bob Hall and public school board trustee Diane Lloyd are still thinking it over.

Sticking with Peterborough This Week, they also have news that Linda Slavin, the NDP's 2004 nominee will seek the 2005 nomination at a meeting on May 10.

Peterborough This Week also (equal time rules seem to apply there) has news of the Conservative nomination - but much murkier news. It would seem that local lawyer Bill Hampton has announced he will seek the Conservative Party nomination, joining Darrin Langen. That's all clear enough, but "unofficially, there are about seven individuals in the hunt", and that "rumours continue to swirl around Peter McLean and James Jackson also seeking the candidacy." Whoever they are.